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The BioTeplo Group provides peat field development, extraction, processing and production of peat fuel pellets and briquettes in the Vladimir region (250 km from Moscow). The enterprise is a part of the bioenergy OJSC «BIOENERGO», specializing in the development of bioenergetic clusters based on local fuels in the Central and Northwestern Federal Districts of Russia.

The company has its own raw of peat and all necessary valid licenses for the extraction of peat field «Sulovsko-Panfilovsloe», the total area of 8100 hectares with 46 millions of proven reserves.




«BioTeplo Group» Corp. has valid licenses for peat extraction till 2032 from peat fields "Poselok # 9" and "The North" of the total area of ​​1200 hectares with reserves of 7 million tones



Modern production lines are equipped with automatic briquetting lines produced in g. Gus Hrustalny, and German producing lines of pellets. The company is a leader of Russian market for the production of peat (fuel of new generation).

Production Capacity
Current (2012 г.)
Planned (2015 г.)
  Peat extraction 60 000 tons 110 000 tons
  Briquette production 14 000 tons 25 500 tons
  Pellet production 7 000 tons 26 500 tons


Peat products of the BioTeplo Group Corp. is an alternative to traditional types of solid biofuel which has several significant advantages:

  • permanent standardized and accurate characteristics of fuel (constant source of raw material);
  • high calorific value (up to 5 200 kkal/kg; 21,85 Mj/kg);
  • completely environmentally friendly product without impurities.


The BioTeplo Group Corp. peat production has several advantages compared with pellets\briquettes from wood and agricultural waste products:

  • long smoldering\burning;
  • heat resistance and moisture resistance;
  • ash is an effective mineral fertilizer;
  • high bulk density.


The quality of the product is confirmed by international certification INCOLAB and SGS (you can read all documentation on the website under «Certificates»).

There is a possibility of packaging in Big-bags, kraft bags 10 kg and polypropylene bags 15-25 kg. Price on the packaged products might be discussed on a request.

The company is ready to carry out shipment of 20 tons with the possibility of long-term contracts up to the exclusive supply of fuel to retail customers in the European Union – today we have supply agreements to Romania, Bulgaria, Italy.

Russian Federation, 601551, the Vladimir region, Gus-Khrustalny,
tel.: +7 (499) 220-14-20

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